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Top 5 Old School Pokemon Sales This Week

By September 17, 2016 One Comment

Alrighty! Going to start something here that hopefully turns into something beautiful over time. I am going to list the top 5 most interesting/rarest/highly sought after/etc of old school card sales and auctions. Prices will be in USD unless stated otherwise. They are not limited to cards, they can be any old school Pokemon memorabilia. So get ready for the increase in nostalgia levels. I am going to save the best for last so don’t ruin the surprise by scrolling all the way to the bottom. I know you want to, you party pooper you.

No 5.

4charizard-no54X Charizard Base set 4/102 Holo’s

Here we have something to ease us into this list. It is a little biased since it is my favourite card in the entire Pokemon Trading Card game. But let’s be honest, who doesn’t like a good old fashion Base set Charizard? To top it off there is 4 of them. Nomnomnom… Delicious. For $185.50 it works out to be about $46 for each Charizard. That is an alright price for these 4 beautiful cards. Usually they sell for around $50-70 each depending on the condition.

No 4.


1st Edition Base Set Booster Pack – Blastoise Artwork


This pack says ‘Old School’ all over it. You can’t get much more old school than the first ever original Booster pack for the Pokemon TCG. Blastoise artwork too, very bad ass. It’s no Charizard artwork, but badass nonetheless. The price the auction ended at is pretty good. The cheapest ‘Buy it now’ listing for a 1st Edition Blastoise artwork is currently up for $375.

No 3.

no3aJapanese Charizard PSA Gem Mint 10 Base Set 1996


Oh my another Charizard… What a coincidence. No but seriously, this is a pretty cool piece of Pokemon history. This is the original Base set Charizard. This card was released in 1996 and Pokemon didn’t exist, it was called Pocket Monsters back then. There is only 92 of these PSA 10 cards in existence. Pretty rare if you ask me. As a big Charizard fan I would have loved to have my hands on this early piece of history. There is another one on eBay with an asking price of $799.99. So comparing to that price this went fairly cheap. But even without that card to compare to, this is an amazing graded card to have in your collection and that price is a fraction of its real value, in my personal Charizard loving opinion.

No 2.


Pokemon Base Set 2 Sealed Booster Box (36 booster packs)

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 3.45.44 PM

Can’t go without including a booster box in this list somewhere. This week’s lucky entrant is the Base set 2 booster box. Base 2 was a bit of a failed set when it was first released in 2000, the fans didn’t really react to it too well. But today any old school collectors will still pay a pretty penny for any WotC history they can get their hands on. As for price and rarity, there is no other box currently for sale. The price of the past 30 day sales range from $600-670.

No 1.



Complete Skyridge set  150/144

Complete Skyridge Reverse Holos 150/144

Complete Skyridge Holograms H32/H32

13 14 12 11

Click for larger image

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 4.08.38 PM

What a set ladies and gentlemen. What a set. I’ll be honest, seeing this set sell in an auction inspired me to do this whole ‘Top 5’ activity. Because I saw it and I was like “Woah! I should write about that!” but I didn’t want to give it away right away, I wanted to build some suspense for it, so that is how the ‘Top 5’ was born. Anyway, enough about my life story more about this set. I have never seen an entire Skyridge set + reverse holo set + all the secret holos and to top it off they are all in mint condition. The buyer didn’t write much in the description, he was very clear and concise about what it was he was selling.  If it was me I would have written a whole synopsis of the entire Pokemon card history. I also would have been crying like a father giving off his daughter at a wedding, losing a set like this would definitely play on my heart strings. This person is brave, to sell such a set and have such a minimal description.

“Part of collection
Never used. Lived in file. In mint condition
Skyridge Sets 150/144 plus rev holo 150/144 and H32/32″

Straight to the point, no if’s or but’s about it, I like it. But, what makes this set so rare? This was the last set Wizards of the Coast (WotC) released before their license expired and Nintendo started printing the Pokemon cards. It had a separate numbering feature for its holographic cards (H32/H32). It is one of the most sought after sets in the entire Pokemon TCG. Collectors far and wide would have watched this sale. In my opinion, it went very cheap, for how rare and scarce it is. I doubt you will ever see a complete set like this surface for auction any time soon, or ever again.


Let me know what you thought about this weeks sales in the comments below. Stay tuned for more Old School sales next week!



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