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Top 10 Most Expensive Pokemon Sales Jul-Sep

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Alright so today we are going to give you guys the Top 10 most Expensive Pokemon Sales of July-Septmeber. There’s a few interesting ones in here today. Don’t go skipping to the bottom to see #1, because that’s cheating. Nobody likes a cheater. Anyway, without further ado, I bring to you the Top 10 List.

No. 10


1st Edition Shadowless Base Set Charizard 4/102


Perfect way to start the top 10 list. Not only my favourite card but, this has to be the most expensive ungraded 1st Edition Base Set Charizard I have ever seen.

No. 9


Complete 102/102 1st Edition Shadowless Base Set


It’s funny to see that #10 was a Near Mint 1st Edition Charizard which sold at $4,050. For an extra $130 you could have won this set which includes the same Charizard in an eBay auction. The condition of the Charizard may have been different though. Seller noted in the description “all in very nice condition, only possible small white marks on the back”. I guess “very nice condition” can be interpreted in a few different ways. I did have a look at all the photos in the listing, because photos speak louder than words and the set looks like it is all Near Mint condition. So for this price, I would say it went for a bargain.

No. 8


Complete 1st Edition Base Set ‘Authenticated’ by PSA


This entire 102/102 set has been encased in a PSA clamshell and has been authenticated by them. There is no grades on any of these cards. This set also included an extra PSA Authentic Red Cheeks Pikachu. The seller noted this in the description:

“The cards have been Authenticated by PSA their certification numbers are in sequential order and start at 26053670 and end at 26053772. The scans and pictures are of the actual items you will receive. The cards range from excellent to mint condition and don’t have a PSA grade.”

No. 7


PSA 10 Gem Mint 1st Edition Dracaufeu 4/102 1999 French Charizard


I don’t think I have ever seen a French 1st Edition Charizard sell for such a high price! It’s hard to imagine what the english version would be worth these days. Either way, very impressive price for a very impressive card.

No. 6


Complete 1st Edition Base Set ‘Authenticated’ By PSA Including PSA 9’S 17-102


Like the set earlier in the list all the holographic cards (1-16/102) are PSA ‘Authenticated’. The difference between this set and the earlier set is that all cards from 17-102 are all PSA 9’s. They’re not a perfect 10, but still very nice nonetheless. Can’t wait to see the day when a complete PSA 10 Base set will sell for.

No. 5


Large Personal Collection of Pokemon Cards – 21 Complete Sets


This is really a fantastic sale. There was only one lonely bidder in this auction. Good on him. This includes a total of 21 complete sets. I’ll stop trying to describe this set and just copy and paste the description. Because for once, the seller took the time to go through exactly what it is they are selling. Making my job easier ūüôā

“Up for auction are the following 21 American Pokemon sets listed below. All sets include Holo’s, Rare Holo’s, Chase Cards, and all Shining Holo’s. Nine sets are 1st Editions, and there are 2 Reverse Holo sets. All cards were never played, and went from packs to 9 pocket ultra pro plastic sleeves. Here’s your chance to collect them all in one auction. Cards have been stored in binders. Non-smoking home.¬† Domestic Shipping is free.¬† International shipping costs will vary depending on your location, and buyer will be responsible for any duties, taxes or tariffs. Additional photos available upon request.¬† Please ask any questions ahead of bidding.

Base complete set: 102/102 cards. (NOTE:¬† There is a 1st Edition Machamp only.¬† Copyrighted cards, 1999 Wizards.¬† For all you “shadow/shadowless” collectors out there.)

Jungle 1st Edition complete set:  64/64 cards.

Fossil 1st Edition complete set:  62/62 cards.

Team Rocket 1st Edition complete set:  83/82 cards, featuring Dark Raichu Holo chase card.

Gym Hero’s 1st Edition complete set:¬† 132/132 cards, introduction of stadium cards.

Gym Challenge 1st Edition complete set:  132/132 cards, introduction of 4 gym leaders (Sabrina, Koga, Blain, Giovanni).

Neo Genesis 1st Edition complete set:  111/111 cards, including 2 cards that were banned from tournament play (Sneasel and Slowking).

Neo Discovery 1st Edition complete set:  75/75 cards, introduction of unknown cards.

Neo Revelation 1st Edition complete set:¬†¬†66/64 cards, introduction of shining Holo’s, chase cards (Shining Gyarados and Shining Magikarp).

Neo Destiny 1st Edition complete set:  113/105 cards, includes 1st edition chase cards (Shining Celebi, Charzard, Kabutops, Mewtwo, Noctowl, Raichu, Steelix and Tyranitar).

Legendary Collection complete set:  110/110 cards.

Legendary Collection Reverse Holo complete set:  110/110 cards.

Expedition Base complete set:  165/165 cards, introduction of the e-reader.

Expedition Reverse Holo complete set:  159/165 cards, featuring Metal and Dark Energy cards. Set does not include any other energy cards so there are only 159 cards in the set.

Skyridge complete set:  182/182 cards, the first 32 cards begin with an H.  Then 150/144, with 6 chase Holo cards (Celebi, Charizard, Crobat, Golem, HO-OH, and Kabutops).

EX Ruby and Sapphire complete set:¬†¬†109/109 cards, introduction of EX Holos’ (Chansey, Electabuzz, Hitmonchan, Lapras, Magmar, Mewtwo, Scyther,and Sneasel).

EX Sandstorm complete set:¬†¬†100/100 cards, EX Holo’s (Aerodactyl, Aggron, Gardevoir, Kabutops, Raichu, Typhlosion, and Wailord).

EX Dragon complete set:  100/97 cards, including 3 secret Holo cards (Charmander, Charmeleon and Charizard).

EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua complete set:¬†¬†97/95 cards including chase Holo’s (Absol and Jirachi).

EX Hidden Legends complete set:  102/101 cards, including chase Holo (Groudon).

EX Fire Red and Green Leaf complete set:¬†¬†116/112 cards, including extra Holo’s (basic Charmander, Box Topper Articuno EX, and secret EX’s Moltres, and Zapdos).”

No. 4


PSA 10 Pokemon Mysterious Mountains Charizard 089/088 Holo 1st Edition


This is the Japanese variant of the Skyridge set. It is important to note that there is only 9 of these PSA 10 cards in population. Making this rare card even rarer. Hence the juicy price.

No. 3


PSA 10 1ST Edition Base Set Charizard 4/102


People often use the term ‘Holy Grail’ of Pokemon cards pretty freely. If it isn’t attached to this exact card and PSA grading, then it is being used wrong. This is the cream of the crop. This is the card that every one who grew up in the 90’s dreams about owning. There is only 99 of these PSA 10 bad boys in population. Which is quite fitting due to it being released in 1999. There is also another one of these currently for auction. The auction is set to end soon, I wonder if it will top this price. Stay tuned for more on this amazing card.

No. 2


PSA 10 Complete Japanese Pokemon PLAY Promo 32 Card Holo Set


These promotional cards were are series of Japanese cards that were exclusively released through the¬†Pok√©mon Players Club. The¬†Pok√©mon Players Club replaced the¬†Pok√©mon Fan Club in January 2003. You could get these cards by attending weekly sessions. The members could earn experience points by doing certain activities and working towards achieving each promotional cards. These are also all PSA 10’s which would make these ridiculously hard to obtain as an entire set. The following is taken from the listing, which breaks down how each card was achieved:

001/PLAY Regice ex Water 1st Season Subscription

002/PLAY Regirock ex Fighting 1st Season Subscription

003/PLAY Registeel ex Metal 1st Season Subscription

004/PLAY Plusle Lightning Earn 2000 EXP Points

005/PLAY Minun Lightning Earn 3000 EXP Points

006/PLAY Celebi ex Grass Earn 5000 EXP Points

007/PLAY Mew ex Psychic Earn 7000 EXP Points

008/PLAY Pokémon Card Fan T [Su] Battle Road Summer 2003

009/PLAY Moltres ex Fire 2nd Season Subscription (New Members)

010/PLAY Articuno ex Water 2nd Season Subscription (New Members)

011/PLAY Zapdos ex Lightning 2nd Season Subscription (New Members)

012/PLAY _____’s Celebi Grass 2nd Season Subscription (Continuing Players)

013/PLAY _____’s Mew Psychic 2nd Season Subscription (Continuing Players)

014/PLAY _____’s Jirachi Metal 2nd Season Subscription (Continuing Players)

015/PLAY Cyclone Energy Colorless E 2nd Season Subscription (Continuing Players)

016/PLAY Boost Energy Colorless E 2nd Season Subscription (Continuing Players)

017/PLAY Warp Energy Colorless E 2nd Season Subscription (Continuing Players)

018/PLAY Master Ball T Battle Road Spring 2004

019/PLAY _____’s Kyogre Water 3rd Season Subscription

020/PLAY _____’s Groudon Fighting 3rd Season Subscription

021/PLAY _____’s Rayquaza Colorless 3rd Season Subscription

022/PLAY Vaporeon Star Water Earn 10,000 EXP Points

023/PLAY Jolteon Star Lightning Earn 20,000 EXP Points

024/PLAY Flareon Star Fire Earn 30,000 EXP Points

025/PLAY Espeon Star Psychic Earn 50,000 EXP Points

026/PLAY Umbreon Star Darkness Earn 70,000 EXP Points

027/PLAY Kyogre ex Water Limited Edition Starter Kit

028/PLAY Groudon ex Fighting Limited Edition Starter Kit

029/PLAY Rayquaza ex Colorless Limited Edition Starter Kit

030/PLAY Ho-Oh ex Fire 4th Season Subscription

031/PLAY Lugia ex Psychic 4th Season Subscription

032/PLAY Jirachi ex Metal 4th Season Subscription

No. 1


Pokemon 1st Edition Shadowless Base Set Uncut Production Sheet


Hang on a second let me just pick up my jaw that dropped to the floor and let me get a mop to wipe the drool that flooded out of my mouth. What an amazing piece of Pokemon history. An uncut sheet of the 1st Edition Shadowless Base set fresh from the production line. The seller says it has been in a Aluminum and glass frame for the last 16 years. This includes a total of 99 1st Edition Base set holographic cards. There is 4 1st Edition Charizards. I have seen many uncut sheets of Pokemon Cards, but this is something else. $50,000 that makes this king of this list. That is a decent chunk of change but I’m sure if any die hard collector had the money they would have bought it. To anybody interested the seller currently has another for sale for a cool $65,000. I think they realized how hot this item is and upped it another 15k. Which is fair enough because this really will impress any collector. Imagine trying to show off your collection and somebody pulls this out. Instant win. Goodluck topping this people. Let’s see if it can be topped in the next Top 10 Most Expensive Pokemon Sales.

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