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Top 10 Most Expensive Pokemon Cards 10-Oct-16

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Where else can you see the most expensive Pokemon cards sold every week in ascending price order? Nowhere. Except @ OldSchoolCards.com! Do I have a treat for you guys today. A new Top 10 Weekly list on the most expensive Pokemon Cards sold in that week! I originally did a Top 5 list, but I just figured, 5 is not enough. The people (you), need more. So more is what you get! All prices are in USD and as always, please abide by my #1 rule of not skipping to the bottom and being a party pooper. Thank you for not being the pooper of parties.

Alright let’s start this thing off!

No. 10


PSA 9 1st Edition Base Set Charizard 4/102


You all know how much I love it when I start my Top # lists with a Charizard. This list is no different. It’s not a PSA 10 but still a juicy card nonetheless.


No. 9


Sealed Base Set Booster Box


These prices are just rising and rising. I remember buying and selling these boxes a few years ago for about $400. Look at them now. They must be getting very scarce these days.


No. 8


5 Complete Wizards of the Coast Sets


This lot included the following 5 complete sets:
-Neo Genesis
-Neo Discovery
-Neo Revelations
-Neo Destiny
-Legendary Collection

As many of you know, these sets are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. These sets are all the second generation of non-E-reader Pokemon Cards produced by Wizards of the Coast. A very nice lot indeed.



No. 7


Base Set Booster Box – Green Winged Charizard


It is a shame about that massive dent on the top of the box. Hopefully no cards were damaged in the process. This is the ‘Green Winged Charizard’ version of the Base Set Booster Box. It is said that there is a chance that these boxes may contain shadowless cards. More often than not, they are mostly unlimited but you never really know until you peel back that foil. This could have gone for a lot higher if it weren’t for that damage on the box. It is a shame. But, that just means better deal for the buyer.


No. 6


PSA 10 1st Edition Base Set Blastoise 2/102


What a great collectible to own. Any PSA 10 1st Edition Base card is a great investment. Excellent price for this item. Kudos to the buyer.


No. 5


Complete 102/102 1st Edition Base Set “Perfect Condition”


In the description the buyer states These cards were immediately placed in protective sheets. These cards are in perfect condition.” For a “Perfect” set, this went pretty cheap, considering a “perfect” PSA 10 Blastoise sold for $2,550 earlier in this list. This was a very good buy for the winner of this auction. Very good indeed!


No. 4



PSA 10 1st Edition Base Set Blastoise 2/102


Earlier in the list another PSA 10 Blastoise was auctioned and finished at $2,550. This listing was not an auction, but a ‘Buy it Now’ listing. Still an appropriate price for such a great card and piece of Pokemon history. Prices are only set to soar on these bad boys.


No 3.


110x Base Set Charizards 4/102


The seller had a very low feedback score. He also had another listing which said it was listed in Malaysia but then this listing says the item location is Australia. Either way it didn’t look very reliable. I also asked for more photos of these cards to verify some credibility. Seller said he was too busy. WHO is too busy to take photos of 110 Charizards? So due to the few tell-tale signs of a fake listing I doubt many collectors bid on this item. Hence the low price. Many of you would ask ‘Why would you even include this in the list?’ well I ask you the question, have you ever seen 110x base set Charizards in one photo? It may not be the sellers photo but this had to be someones collection of Charizard cards. Which is enough for me to include this photo in this list. I just had a quick look at the description this seller has stated “Installment allowed if you are poor but dont waste time bidding if u r poor like F*** I dont like to wait long.” Lol, who says something like that in a listing? Who knows, there is a small chance that this listing was legit. Maybe a 0.03% chance.


No. 2


Sealed 1996 Japanese Base Set Booster Box (60 Packs)


I love seeing items like these. You rarely see these sorts of things anymore. This box is 20 years old! Unlike the English versions which contains 36 packs these old school Japanese booster boxes contain 60 packs. To make this box even rarer, this is an ultra rare variant because usually on the bottom of these Japanese boxes  “For Sale In Japan Only” is printed but, this variant doesn’t have it. This definitely deserves a top spot in this list.


No. 1

screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-10-16-00-pmPSA 10 GEM MINT 1st Edition Base Set Charizard 4/102screen-shot-2016-10-09-at-10-16-12-pm

The holy grail of Pokemon cards brings it home once again. Big Charizard wins this weeks list. I was watching this auction go down, it is always so interesting seeing the bids come flying in at the last few seconds. This has to probably be one of the most followed cards on eBay. Earlier in September one of these sold for nearly $12,000 in a ‘Buy it Now’ listing. A couple of years ago these were selling for only $2,000-3,000. Oh how I wish I bought some of these back then… Congratulations to the buyer, they are now in possession of a 1 of 99 amazing PSA 10 1st Edition Charizard cards. The population of this card is low, the price is high, the demand is even higher. Will we see a higher price in next weeks ‘Top 10 Most Expensive Pokemon Cards‘? Nobody knows. So be sure to check back next week!