Started out when I was a young lad in the 90’s. Didn’t know much about Pokemon was into Dragon Ball Z at the time. So from fighting cartoons to loveable creatures I didn’t fancy them much. Was given a 2-Player Starter Deck as a present and pulled out my first holofoil Machamp. I loved ordering them, was something about it I found calming. I did the chores around the house for a week and saved up any shrapnel I could. Then I hassled my mum to take me to the shops so I could buy a $6 booster pack.

I bought the Charizard Artwork because I for some reason thought I would get a Charizard because that’s what it showed on the front. Logic of an 8 year old. Anyway, drove all the way home without opening the pack. Sat in my room legs crossed like a dork and slowly opened my pack. To my surprise I actually pulled a Charizard. I reckon I wee’d my pants a little bit from excitement. I would get caught in dazes just staring it while it was in my folder for hours. Week later I traded it. Worst decisions of my life EVER. To this day, you know when people ask stupid questions like “do you have any regrets in your life?” my answer is always about that lost Charizard. Anyway, next day couldn’t stand it and went to trade back. Couldn’t happen, had already changed hands about 6 times and it was gone. It was treated like the neighbourhood bicycle. I was shocked and appalled.

Ever since then I vouched that any Base set Charizard that would come my way, will never leave me. Wether it be brand new or if it has water damage by people who take their cards deep see diving with them on a scuba exploration mission. I will look after each and every one that finds itself into my possession. Nothing will make up for my 1st one that I traded, but it helps.

17 years later I still collect every Base Set Charizard that comes my way. But now have also suguidebookpported my Charizard habit by becoming an author of “Pokemon Card Collector’s Guide Book: The Originals” on Amazon and I have also become a power seller through buying and selling Old School Pokemon Cards through eBay. Most of you know me as MrHappyCards on eBay. I am the dude that sells the Old School WotC era Cards. I am the dude you message when you need those minty fresh random cards for your Old School set that nobody else is selling. Since I am on eBay every day and deal with card prices and sales of sets and collections from around the world. I thought why not report on it so others can learn from my experience? Who doesn’t want to know about the most recent sales of some of the most expensive and sought after old school cards in the world?

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