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1st Edition Base Dutch Set Sold

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On the 28th of August the complete Pokemon Card 1stEdition Base Set which includes a total of 102 cards, ended in an auction on eBay for $590 out of Kelsterbach, Germany. Not only was this set a 1st Edition, it was the German version.

I must say, it is quite rare to find a foreign Base set in such good condition. After looking through the photos it was obvious that these cards were kept in good condition. But it is always more assuring when the buyer mentions the condition. In the description, the seller confirmed it for everyone watching this auction “Condition: NM”.

When you live in an English speaking country you find yourself surrounded by English cards. From time to time you may purchase somebody’s collection and you may find yourself with a handful of foreign cards. Separately they are not worth much. But when you have the entire Base Set in German for sale. Then you will appeal to Pokemon Card collectors around the world. It is easy to collect the English Base set you can go onto eBay right now and purchase as many as you like. But a complete German Base set? Now that is rare to see.

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Photos from the listing. Click for larger image.


Let’s take a look at the bidding and how this auction played out. There was 8 bidders and 34 bids. The winner won with a final bid of 523.53EUR. Sniping was not the method used to win this auction. It was determination. The winner’s first bid was at 10EUR. Out of the 34 bids throughout this auction, 25 of the bids came from him or her. They clearly really wanted it and were willing to go as high as it took to get what they wanted. Good on them, wanted something, went out there and got it.

Was it bought for a reasonable price? The last Complete 1st Edition German Base Set was sold in June 30th for $400 from the United States. The recent winner would have been very happy with this purchase. Not because he thought he got it at a bargain, but maybe because he had been chasing this set for a long time and can finally add it to his collection? You can’t put a price on happiness. There is no other 1st Edition German Base set for sale at this current moment. So who knows? Maybe it was a bargain. The real value of the cards comes down to how much someone is willing to pay for it. Having something that isn’t easily accessible to purchase, also makes it more sought after.

How Many Base Sets Are There?

As many of you may know, the original Pokemon Base set was released in a number of different languages. 10 to be exact. They originally released it in Japan first way back in 1996. Back then Pokemon didn’t exist. It was called ‘Pocket Monsters’. After they saw it was a big hit in Japan they then released it in United States and in other countries. The Base Set was released in the following languages:












This is the 1996 Japanese Base Set Charizard 


The back of the cards looked like this in 1996 with the Pocket Monsters Logo.

The Japanese set was originally produced without a rarity symbol in the bottom 1stthickthinright corner of the card. They then produced another print with the rarity on the card. After it was brought over to the United States and other countries years later, every set released an initial 1st Edition run of cards. So not only did they come out in 10 different languages they also came out in 1st Edition and unlimited runs. The English Base set was also different because it had a 1st Edition set, shadowless set, unlimited set and an unlimited set dated 1999-2000. If you really want to be a hardcore collector you can also include the ‘thick’ and ‘thin’ version of the 1st Edition stamp as two different Base Sets. So all up there is a grand total of 23 different variants of the Base Set for you to collect. I am sure that may take some time to acquire said goods. But would be a nice thing to add to the bucket list.

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